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Wood Floor Refinishing Queens NY

Imagine a stunningly smooth, draught-free, natural wood floor. Nothing compares to the finish of a real wood floor; keeping you fresh and cool during summer or toasty-warm in winter.
Wood Floor Queens experts in floor renovation, Sanding Wood Floors! naturally believe it’s better to restore an existing wooden floor than replace it. There are many reasons for this; more character and patina, original wood being higher quality than modern machined boards, plus the retention of original features which enhance your surroundings and property value. There’s nobody better qualified to look after your wood floor restoration projects than Sanding Wood Floors ! – Professional, courteous, knowledgeable – three words which have been used time and time again to describe our specialist teams. We offer cost effective wood flooring renovations solutions you can trust. If you have a floor in need of some care and attention, please contact us for a no-obligation quote. You can call us on 917-924-8883 for floor sanding or wood floor restoration help and advice.

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Why Floor Sanding?
Whether hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or douglas fir), a solid wooden floor is an investment which will only appreciate with time. And irrespective of whether you live in a contemporary, urban loft conversion, a pristine Victorian terrace or a cosy country cottage it is likely that if you have a wooden floor you will want to take good care of it and ensure it remains in near-perfect condition.
Indeed estate agency statistics show that properties which have well-maintained real wooden floors rather than carpet, vinyl or laminate are more likely to command higher prices. So if your wood floor is in need of some TLC, click on our ‘Get a Quote’ link or speak to the floor sanding experts – at SWF we have the skills and the passion help you achieve the floor of your dreams.
What can you expect from our wood floor sanding company?
We sand all solid wood strip floors, wood laminate floors, wood block floors (eg herringbone), parquet block floors, floorboards, and cork floors. We repair all the above floors from just 1 damaged or broken board to several square metres of damaged floor.
We can seal with as many coats of seal as you require (we recommend 3coats as a minimum) Some questions you might like to consider before you start your floor sanding project … What is the overall look you want to create? Strong, or light, smooth, or soft. Is there a particular “feel” you want to create in the room?
What colour should the room be?
Will it match your existing decorations and furnishings?
How much natural light is there?
Do you want a uniform finish or are you worried about draughts? Filling the gaps between the floor boards might be an option. What type of finish do you like? Matt? Glossy? Satin? Or would you rather have a natural, environmentally friendly option?.

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Wood FLoor refinish

There are several different floor finishes we use.
Polyurethane Sealant. One component waterbourne finish for treatment of timber floor surfaces in residential areas subject to normal amounts of traffic. The high viscosity provides a well bodied surface making application easy without affecting the self-levelling. We provide floor board filling services with finishing effects available in matt, silkmatt and gloss.
High Traffic Polyurethane sealant for Commercial. Two part polyurethane with added hardener for the more commercial floors that need durability and have a high amount of traffic.
Interior Natural Floor Oil. Ideal for solid wood flooring, plank-wood flooring, block strip flooring,cork. Hard-wearing and extremely durable. Surface is water repellent, dirt resistant, and resistant to wine, beer, coffee, milk, water e.t.c. Retains its natural appearance and feel. 2 coats applied.
Wax. A wax finish is not as common as the previous due to the maintenance needed to keep it fresh. To maintain a waxed floor it should be buffed every 3 to 4 months with a rotary floor buffer and should also be re waxed every 8 to 10 months to bring the floor back to its original glory. Quick sand offer this service and are happy to maintain the waxed floor at a small cost.