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Imagine gorgeously smooth, draught-free, and natural wood flooring. There is nothing like the look of a genuine wood floor. It keeps you cool and fresh during the summer, and warm and toasty during winter. Wood Floor Queens are experts in floor restoration, Sanding Wood Floors! It is logical to repair the floor you have in place rather as opposed to replace it. There are many reasons to do this: the patina and character and the original wood are superior to contemporary machined boards, as well as the preservation of the original features that add to your home’s value of your home. There’s no one better equipped to take care of the restoration of your wood floors than Sanding Wood Floors! Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable are three words that have been used over and over in the past to define our professional teams. We offer affordable wood flooring restoration solutions that you can count on. If you’ve got a floor that needs some attention and attention, contact us to receive a no-cost estimate. We can be reached at 919-724-8883 to get floor sanding services or assistance with restoring your wood floors and assistance.

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What is the purpose of floor sanding? 

Whether hardwood (oak beech, walnut, or beech), as well as softwood (pine, douglas fir, or yew) solid wooden flooring, is an investment that will appreciate over time. It doesn’t matter if you live in a modern urban loft conversion, an elegant Victorian terrace, or a cozy country cottage, it’s likely that if you own wood flooring, you’ll need to take care of it and make sure that it’s in good shape.

Statistics from estate agents reveal that homes that have clean, well-maintained wooden floors instead of laminate, carpet, or vinyl will likely attract more expensive costs. If your wooden flooring is in need of some attention, visit our “Get a Quote” button or call our floor sanding experts in SWF our team has the experience and passion to assist you in achieving the flooring of your dreams.

What are you expecting from our wood floor sanding service?

We Sand all solid flooring made of wood, including hardwood laminate flooring, floors made of wood (eg herringbone), parquet floorboards, block floors, or cork floors. We repair all the above floors starting from one damaged or damaged board up to large areas of the floor that is damaged.

We can apply as many coats as you want (we suggest 3 coats as an absolute minimum) There are a few things you’d want to think about before you begin your floor sanding task. How do you want to achieve the overall appearance you’d like to create? It could be strong, light smooth, or soft. Do you have a specific “feel” you want to create in your space?

What color is the best for your room?

Does it fit with your current furniture and decor?

How much natural light do you have?

Do you desire a consistent finish or are you concerned about drafts? Filling in the gaps between the flooring boards could be a viable option. What kind of finish would you prefer? Matt? Glossy? Satin? Do you want an organic, sustainable alternative?

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Wood FLoor refinish

There are many different flooring finishes we can use.

  •  Polyurethane Sealant. One component waterborne finish to be applied to flooring made of timber in residential areas with typical traffic. The high viscosity gives an even surface that makes the application simple without impacting self-leveling. We offer floorboard filling with finishes offered in gloss, matt, and silk matt.
  • high traffic Polyurethane sealant to be used for commercial. Two-part polyurethane, with a hardener for commercial floors that require toughness and are subject to a large volume of traffic.
  • Interior Natural Floor Oil. Ideal for solid wood flooring, plank-wood flooring cork flooring, and block strip flooring. Extremely durable and durable. The surface is water-resistant and dirt resistant. It’s also resistant to beer, wine, and coffee, as well as water, milk, etc. It retains its natural look and feels. Two coats of paint were applied.
  • A wax. A wax finish isn’t as popular as it was in the past due to the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking fresh. To keep a floor that has been waxed, it must be polished every 3 to 4 months using the help of a floor buffer that rotates. It is recommended to re-wax each 8 to 10-month interval to restore the floor to its former glory. Quick Sand offers this service and is pleased to keep the floor waxed at a minimal price.