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Our services for repairing wood floors are based on many years of expertise. With a variety of floors and the causes of wear and tear, You can be sure that our experts in wood floor restoration can assist with the least amount of cost. If you have a scratch on your floors or damage caused by a water leak, or an inadequate installation that results in cupping on your wood floors There is a good likelihood that we will assist you. Contact us and we’ll be glad to provide you with no-cost advice and an immediate visit on-site.

The wood floors can be damaged in a variety of ways: Large objects are dropped onto the floors, Deep scratches from being scratched and  long-term water damage.

Through the years, we’ve come up with several methods to fix wooden flooring. It is possible to use the technique to “patch it up” without any seams, resurface it, or suggest an alternative solution. No matter what the issue is, we’ll give you an honest estimate of the job we’ll be able to complete.

Our team of experienced wood flooring technicians have extensive experience and expertise in installing and fixing a broad variety of wood flooring styles and types We are experts in fixing Parquet flooring Solid Wood Flooring Engineered Floors Strip flooring Flooring for dance floors Sports flooring laminate flooring

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Our aim is to provide our customers with the best service and the most extensive selection of premium wooden flooring at the lowest cost. We invite you to contact us, browse our site and showrooms as well as request for a sales rep to be mailed to you.

We don’t subcontract any work, rather we have our own qualified fitters who will install your new hardwood flooring to make sure that it’s installed to the highest standard. Wood floor Manhattan wants to ensure that you leave with flooring that you will be proud of and are proud of.

We will not let go of any job when the floor isn’t installed to the highest quality and we don’t allow our installers to work on their own until they have been through a rigorous training program under our supervision and we are absolutely certain they will be able to install our floors to the standards we require.

We have several flooring options in wood, such as Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Merbau, Oak, Smoked Oak, Red Oak Walnut, and numerous others. The wood floors we offer are available in a range of different finishes like lacquered, oil-brushed, brushed and lacquered, brushed antique, hand-scraped as well as rustic and prime. Contact wood flooring Manhattan by calling 917-924-8883 and filling out the form below to set up a complimentary consultation with us on your site. There is no obligation. To ensure that we give you the most affordable price( discount coupons) on our hardwood floors, we do not have expensive showrooms. Instead, we set up site

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